Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Romani Anthem (In Romani & English & Français

Gelem, Gelem
Romani Anthem

Gelem, gelem, lungone
Maladilem bahktale Romensa
A Romale katar tumen aven,
E tsarensa bahktale dromensa?

A Romale, A Chavale

Vi man sas ek bari familiya,
Murdadas la e kali legiya
Aven mansa sa lumniake
Kai putaile e romane droma
Ake vriama, usti Rom akana,
Men khutasa misto kai kerasa

A Romale, A Chavale

I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents on happy roads?

O Roma, O fellow Roma

I once had a great family,
The Black Legions* murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Romani roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act
O Roma, O fellow Roma

(Composed by Jarko Jovanovic to a traditional melody) * Black Legions are the Nazi's
Je suis allé, Je suis allé sur de longues
routes que j'ai rencontré Roma heureux
O Roma d'où vous venez,
Avec des tentes sur les routes heureuses ?
O Roma, Le camarade Roma I
d'O a par le passé eu une grande famille,
Le Legions* noir les a assassinés
viennent avec que moi Roma de tout monde
pour les routes de Romani se sont ouverts
maintenant est le temps, élévation vers le haut de Roma maintenant,
Nous nous lèverons haut si nous agissons
O Roma, Camarade Roma d'O
(composé par Jarko Jovanovic à une mélodie traditionnelle) *Les légions noires sont le nazi (les Allemands)


Blogger Elly said...

Dear Pesha, some years ago, I saw on Television, on Discovery, the story of the famous photo, of the little girl, by the small window, on the dark train, on the way to Auschwitz. People are searching, where this photo came from, is she was jewish, or a gipsy. Finaly after researches, they found out, she was a gipsygirl. In my heart I feld so sorry, but also happiness, that finaly, it was found, that she got her indentity back, and I was so glad,, finaly justice was done, for a small part, because always the stories of the jewish people, who died in the second worldwar 2, how horrible they are, it was never enough been told, how many gipsies been killed by Hitler, how many mentaly handicapted people, many children had been killed. It touched me so deep inside, this photo, this true story,,,,, love Elly

March 9, 2007 at 8:18:00 AM GMT  
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