Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anna Kari

As promised here is the link for the website of Anna Kari.

I'm sure that you will all find her work very poignant. Those of you who know me, will know of my dedication to bringing the truth about the suffering and devastation to life and culture that we Roma suffered at the hands of the Nazi's in the 2nd world war.

Anna's pictures of the Holocaust survivors are an inspiration to us all, and an example of the courage and strength of those who endured such unthinkable horrors.
Anna has also brought to peoples attention, the plight of the Roma of Kosovo, this a something very dear to my heart, and it was without doubt "another holocaust"
who could believe this could have happened again, who could believe the worlds media could transport these horrific images, and yet it continued, my eyes still fill with tears whenever I think about this,
Thank you Anna for doing the wonderful job you do, you are a very talented young lady, and thank you also for allowing me to post your work on this blog, on a lighter note I loved your work on the " Miss Roma", what beauttiful girls !
I will write a little on the subject of the Holocaust shortly I had intended to do so before the beginning of August, so that you could all remember those we lost on 'Zigeuner nacht", but I had personal troubles at the time and in any case I don't suppose a "date" should really matter that much, so I will post soon on that
I would also like to include this heart wrenching appeal sent out by the Roma mothers of Kosovo in 1999

Roma mothers appeal to world
Kumanovo 08.11.1999
To all democratic civilized human nations and to all government of the western countries and to all European Community.
In the name of the humanity and human solidarity, we, the Roma mothers, want to address to you this Appeal
We, Roma mothers from Kosovo, address this appeal to all the mothers all over the world. At the moment we are in the hardest times in our history since our arrival in Kosovo many centuries ago.
This tragedy swept away all our possessions gained by our hard work. Our European standard of living, our houses with modern equipment all is gone for good, swept by the robbers, fire-raisers and Albanian terrorists. The will in our faces and in the faces of our children turn to tears,while instead of warmth in our hearts now is ache, sorrow for lost place and freedom, sorrow for lost job and dignity. In just one split of a second our serene family life turned to fear and uncertainty. Our living became nomad, as we never had one like this.
We live in the camp, in tents where conditions are so bad. We have rains, floods in the tents, wet blankets and sponges on the beds where we lay with our children. With such bad conditions came diseases such as: anemies, Flu, dehydration, Bronchitis, Asthma and in the worst cases Hepatitis. Because of the fact that medical staff in the camp Stenkovac 2 is composed only of Albanians we simply can't expect proper care for us.
Also we can't expect proper special medical care in Tetovo as the most of the doctors are also Albanians and we are suffering because of them. All this results with bad conditions among us, mothers and among our children, so few days ago one of the mothers died.
In such bad conditions in the tents live 13 newborn babies, from one-day age up to two months, also 76 incline women and 196 mother still breast freezing their babies. Because of bad nourishing, low caloric food (only peppers and salt cheese) we have lot of sick women, insights, breast-feeding.
This tragedy in form of genocide and these poor conditions for living may cause the death of many children and us, the mothers. So we address this APPEAL to all the women all over the world to give their sympathy to us the mothers in camp Stenkovac 2 and to our children. We appeal to all humanitarian organisations and to all women to demonstrate and to protest, to make pressure to their governments to take us to their countries so we can feel again what we have lost, our peace, jobs, freedom, the future of our children, our peaceful and serene family life-with this, the women allover the world will express their humanity which is incorporated in their souls.
Mothers all over the world, as we are writing this appeal to you, our hands are frozen, the only light is the light of the candle which flame is swinging by the wind in our tent.
Instead the heat from the stove, our children's hearts is warmth only by our motherly love and our hopes for our better future. Mothers all over the world, please help us, help our children in this worst times in our living.
Roma Mothers from Kosovo who are in Stenkovac 2 Refugee camp in Macedonia
Ashmet Elezovski, member of board the Roma National Congress
Kushti baxt
Pesha x
This site is also very good


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how thought provoking, Anna's pictures are excellent, has she any other work she would share with us?
Mary Kate Ryan

August 19, 2007 at 8:43:00 PM GMT  
Blogger M Woods said...


Devlesa avilan!

August 20, 2007 at 9:09:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Sergio said...

Thank to you Anna for the pictures I enjoy them really good
To Pesha you are not to be so sad lady there is very good things in this world
I like you very much Pesha

August 20, 2007 at 2:59:00 PM GMT  
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