Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Na Bister!~ Never Forget!~N'oubliez jamais!

Overnight on 1st-2nd August 1944 at Auschwitz-Birkenau the entire Roma Gypsy camp was destroyed four thousand Roma men women and children were gassed and cremated, this unimaginable atrocity is now called Zigeunernacht meaning night of the Gypsies.

It is now over 60 years, and I have frequently be come embroiled in heated argument as to how this period in history should be remembered. I know my stance is seen by many as extreme and intransient, but I make no apology for this. To place this horror as an "Historic event" that we should learn by is to my mind is the true danger. After all it could never happen today ! ..could it?

Those in Society who feel that we should never "forget", but that would should "forgive" in my eyes pose a far greater danger than the shaven headed right wing thugs, or the White clad cross burning fanatics.

I do not aim my lack of forgiveness at the German people, it is aimed at all people, at mankind as a whole. The Holocaust was not an example of the German people of the day against the Roma or the Jews or the Gays or the handicapped. It was an example of mans inhumanity to his fellow man. A need to dominate a need for supremacy, and sadly a trait that lies deep within the "blueprint", and a trait that may never be evolved away.

Forgiveness is the sure and certain path to acceptance..oh we may not accept as such..but we accept it happened "historically"..and we don't learn/understand the Genocide of the 2nd World was was only one of many both before ;
The Armenian Holocaust, Stalins policies in Ukrain,the Spanish policy of forced labour of the native peoples throughout the Carribean,South and Central America, US Clearing operations against the Indigenous peoples of North America
Hitler took many lessons from "history" from which to perfect his own Holocaust.
..and since;
Katanga, Biafra, Bangaladesh IndoChina,Paraguay, Guetemala, Indonesia, Rwanda , Bosnia..ect..ect..What was that about it could never happen today?..could it?
It has does happen will happen.

How can Genocide ever be forgiven, what was taken from us we will never know. This Genocide had a devastating effect on the Roma, so many were taken from a comparably small race . How any mother can look at the picture below of children and say it is time to forgive is beyond my comprehension. Who comforted these little ones while they suffered, I can only think the older ones took on the role and comforted the younger ones, but the older ones are just children themselves. how can some mothers darling, some fathers pride and joy be brutalised in this way, and a right thinking society even feeling it a remote possibilty to even consider forgiveness?

The Roma kept very few written records the Generations gone before were remembered and kept alive in memory by word of mouth. Those murdered in the death camps were not only killed but they were obliterated from living memory ..for all time.

Mothers, fathers, Aunts Uncles Grandparents brothers and sisters, literally gone up in smoke with not a soul to mourn their passing or light a candle for them, or speak their name in rememberance.

There is an old Roma saying (curse)

" Te bisterdon tumare anava "~ "may your names be forgotton"

How those words seem to mock these days.

When we think of those poor people we must wonder who might they have been those little children, and the children that were never born. Maybe another Django Reinhardt? another Mother Teresa ? think of all the wonderful music the Roma have brought the world,

The Roma proudly say "We sing no War songs" yet when war rages all around we are all too often the innocent casulaties

Below is a picture of an unknow Roma woman at Auschwitz is a picture of what "might of been"

On the Tombstone of some people I care about very much the inscription reads

"Loves last gift...Rememberance..."

Na Bister! ..Never Forget !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

XXXXX Pesha well said oh yes very well said. A wise woman once told me that it is the past that lights the road that leads to the future. What you say is true true so very true. And now you will be thinking how did he find my blog? A certain red haired lady emailed me the details
You must return to Wales and read my cards again, the road to my future needs a little light casting on it once again. Sylvia sends her love and so does Pam
Yosef Goldsworthy xx
how many names have you got?

August 24, 2007 at 9:06:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Pesha_Tshaya ( Leshya'e Romanes) said...

Yosef! I never thought I would get a post from you on my blog, what a lovely surprise, but why the anonymous post, please send me your email address. I often talk about Syvia and the wedgewood dish it's one of my most teasured possessions, ranking equally with 2 wade tortoises from Mary Atkins.
Is that certain red haired lady still wearing the navy jacket lol?
The next time I am in Wales I will definately come and see you, and read your cards. Just think if it wasn't for me and those dam cards you woud never have got together with your lovely wife! God, that was day lol.I can STILL feel the sting of the slap I got off my grandmother over that, but every word came true, I got a slap you got married and I got a wedgewood dish! Fond memories or what
Love to Pam Sylvia David and Paul
Pesha xx
If I had many more names I would be known as BT Directory lol

August 24, 2007 at 10:02:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Goldie said...

It more fun to post anonymously I thought that way I could sneak up on you. my email address for you is and I was going to send you an email and then I thought better of that. I want to say what I am going to say for all to see.
I never had the pleasure of meeting your grandmother but Sylvia has often talked of her and your mother and auntie.
Now everyone it is because of this lady here on this blog that I have my wife today. Sylvia had her cards read and Pesha might just as well have led her to my door. She got my name she said Sylvia would wed a man with Gold in his name and her name would be full of money like Silver and gold and that I was a widower and that I was in the motor trade there was much more but that is personal
A few years later Sylvia Jane met me and she became Sylvia Goldsworthy Taa Daa.
About 10 years ago I met Pesha when my wife and I were in a Golf Club and I said she must read my cards. The very next day she did so.
Fours days later I was on a flight to NYC to visit my sister Ruth I had not seen her for nearly 5 years she told me everytime she phoned that she was in good health. Pesha told me of a woman with a mole on her face and described her so well I knew it was my sister. Pesha said I do not want to frighten you but I feel you need to be with her I knew by the sadness in her eyes what she was saying, but I did not have the nerve to ask outright. Sylvia and I went as a surprise visit. We had a wonderful holiday and Ruth admitted she had angina and high blood pressure. Before we left she promised to rest and come to us in Wales the following summer. 7 weeks later my sister died in her sleep. My brother in law told me the very night before she had been watching videos of our holiday.
A friend Melanie told us about this blog and I just had to take a look.
I want to tell anyone who may be suspicious of people who read cards not to have any worries about this lady at all. She is the most geniune and kind lady you could ever wish to meet.
And now I have said all that Pesha I need to know, can I have my iron fence and hub caps back.
I cannot resist a little fun.
Petal, I was at the cemetary only last week and I saw the inscription on the very tombstone Sylvia maother Megan is buried nearby she passed away in April 2006, we paid our respects to your loved ones
You hurry back down to Wales
Yosef, Sylvia and family xxxxxxxx

August 24, 2007 at 1:44:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll send that Goldie she's yummy scrumptious

August 24, 2007 at 3:39:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, like to say it is wonderful that the Roma’s story is making it onto the internet. Hopefully, new generations will discover the storied heritage of your people and with that knowledge, some measure of understanding will come, paving the way to the breakdown of centuries of mistrust. Secondly, a fitting reminder to an oft forgotten element of genocides, once the media attention has drifted away. The acts committed by people under the excuse of war, who then slip back into "regular society" are despicable and raises the question of quick redemption, which is sure to follow, e.g. in Sudan. Prejudice exhibited by general society is just another form of barbaric tribalism, based on their pathetic misconceptions of differences. Look forward to your next posting.

October 3, 2007 at 9:56:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Arisztid said...

Latcho dives.

Nais tuke for your blog. Indeed you are tacho Rrom. I am but 3/4 blooded, "didikai" to some, but I have much pride in my heritage.

Na bister o Porrajmos indeed.

Kushti bok ti sastipe. :)

October 17, 2007 at 7:26:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous julez haslam said...

hi there, i have recently discovered that my great grandma on my dads side is of didikoi gypsy desent and i am very excited to learn more about her heritage for myself and siblings and also my children and all on my fathers side have passed on including my dad.
Could anyone help with sites or info , i can be contacted through my email (
thankyou so much and be safe.
oh by the way my name is Julez Haslam that is my birth name..maybe someone knows of some other haslams that i can contact.

October 26, 2007 at 10:28:00 PM GMT  
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