Monday, January 26, 2009

Court of Appeal Rules Against the Residents of Dale Farm over 1000 Face Eviction

On the morning of 22nd January 2009 the Court of Appeal gave it's finding in regard to Dale Farm
The Case was decided by 3 Lord Justices
Lord Justice Pill
Lord Justice Moses
Lord Justice Lloyd
Sadly the previous decision by Mr Justice Collins was over turned and it was found that Basildon Distect Council was not acting unlawfully when it sought to evict the residents.
The full decision is attached, but in brief Lord Justice Pill stated that
"there was a problem for traveller families caused by the limited areas where they may lawfully park".
And this it has to be said is a very large part of the problem. However what is overlooked as far as I can see is the fact that although Gypsy and Travelling families can buy land, they do not get the same or equal consideration by Local Authorities when applying for planning permission, as that afforded to the settled community
It is a very sad and distressing decision for the families that live in the community at Dale Farm.
I would hasten to add that this is purely Legal Decision, as the Court of Appeal can only consider a decision made, and appealed on a point of law, therefore any decision must be made on the existing law as set down.
To prevent future problems we should campaign for the law to be ammended to give "equality to all" applying for planning permission in UK. and for respect for cultural needs and presevation of cultural identity
Let us hope that even at this late hour Basildon Council will make a "moral decision"
If you feel strongly about this I suggest you express your opinion to the Chief Exectitive of Basildon Council, Mr Bala Mahendran
alternately the postal address and direct line to his office are as follows
Bala Mahendran
Chief Executive of Basildon Distrct Council
The Basildon Centre
St Martins Square
Essex. SS14 1DL
tel 01268-294506
I noted with interest that Mr Mahendran is an Asian gentleman, and I would guess looking at his photograph that he would be in middle age.
Mr Mahendran must surely remember, as I do that not that long ago in UK people people were totally nuerotic about people of colour moving into their street or locality, certain that this would devalue their properties ( sound familar), and Enoch Powell made his famous "rivers of blood" speech.
All sorts of stories abounded, and were readily believed about the unsavoury lifestyles and habits of these people, likewise today stories circulate about the Gypsy and Travelling community, these are as unfounded and based bothing more than ignorance and intolerance and fuelled vigorously by certain national newspapers
All of this prejudice was as unacceptable then as the prejudice against Gypsy and Travellers is now. Gypsies are UK's oldest ethnic minority, and yet when it comes to "equality" we are sadly denied this.
Please Mr Mahendran, give our people the same rights and consideration as your family and ethnic group enoy!
To read full Judgement click link below


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Shay, I wanted to post this to your blog but it would only allow me 300 characters so I'm sending it to you e-mail. I hope you will find it good enough to post. My heart goes out to ALL that are suffering such injustice. Love and friendship always, Alexa ;~}

The news I read saddens me greatly. I wish I knew what more I could do. I have sent notices out through the Internet not only to friends but to organizations. If we are seeing the antichrist in action our strongest weapon may be prayer. Here is a prayer I have written that I would like to put out there for others to use in hopes that can move mountains.
I pray to you my Lord and my God.
Forgive them for they know not what they do. Nor do they care.
They do not heed the cries of your children.
How soon they forget, "That which you do to the least of my brethren you do unto Me."
Please Dear Lord, open their hearts that they may hear the cries of your special children and justice be done.
In your Name I pray.
God bless you in all you do and all those who pray with us.

January 31, 2009 at 8:44:00 PM GMT  

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