Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"La casa de Bernarda Alba"

This is an email sent to me by a trusted friend

Miguel Ángel de la Fuente Frechoso

I apologise as I have messed up the you may have to cut and paste the links

but..thank you Migel xx

Hi, Pesha,

Im sending u the link to this really amazing theatre play "La casa de Bernarda Alba" (House of Bernarda Alba) a classic from the writer Federico García Lorca (one of the best writers in XX spanish letterature, killed because he was gay and anti-dictationship, by the way). The play this time s been represented by GIPSY ACTRESS from the EL VACIE neighbourhood, a poor marginal gipsy neighbourhood in Sevilla (Andalucía, Spain) where gipsies are in risk of extreme poverty and social exclussion. The 8 women cant write or read, but they performed really well (i saw it yesterday).
I leave u here some links with videos where u can see them rehearsing and performing in the actual play:

Its even strange the way they speak spanish, because they may speak more "caló" than proper spanish. Caló is the low-class gipsy dialect spoken by gipsies in Andalucía.
This initiative has got the applause of the public and is getting more and more famous.

Unfortunately, two of them had a recent problem because someone from the TV program "21 días" (21 days, which is based on spending 21 days making smthing as this time was 21 days living in a shanty with gipsies) make them simulate a robbery so now the showman from 21 days is free, but the two gipsies are about to go to jail next 1st february if they dont pay 3800 euros.
In the links I provide u there is an account from the TNT theatre in order to collect money to help them.
If this two women could be free from jail they would keep on going out this social underdevelopment and exlusion they are, because the play they are performing is already invited to some of the main theatres in Madrid.
This is the year against social exlusion in the European Union... lets help and hope this women can keep on playing theatre and raise their lives to a decent position out of poverty or mistreatment.


Miguel Ángel de la Fuente Frechoso


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Blogger GipsyLilya said...

New Romani Gypsy web-journal, dedicated to traditional Romani performing culture, such as dances, music, songs and theatre.

Photos, videos, mp3s, tons of them! :)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gipsies (and payos) in Andalusia speak a dialect: the andalusian dialect. Caló is only the Castilian spoken by gipsies, not a language, and the difference between a payo and a gitano speaking is only the number of gipsy words used and the entonation because payos use a lot of gipsy words and much more in Andalusia, a country wich without gipsies would not be the same (the same would have happened without arabs or romans,jewish, fenicians, greeks...). As you say, Caló is spoken by low-class gipsies in Andalusia; unafortunately gipsies in Spain (less in Andalusia but also in and Andalusia) belong to lower people classes and/or live in marginal neibourghoods, but in Andalusia payos who belong to lower classes and/or live in marginal neigbourhoods, speak like gipsies and have a very similar culture, that facts makes to call them "payos agitanados" (in my town differences between a payo or gitano are more economical than ethnics). My mother who is gitana but never lived as a one -only received more ifluence of gipsy culture than a payo could receive (because payos are also influenced by gipsy-gitana culture and the same hapens with gipsies-gitanos in Andalusia, whosse payo influence is very big, a good evidence is that flamenco comes from arab and even jewish music, peoples with many others who are descendents payos)-, she lived more like a paya, speaks the same Andalusian Castilian than a payo who belongs to working class (my families paya -my father is payo- and gitana both belong to working class) and the same happens with many other aspects, religion (catholic, not evangelical), study level (she went to the high school and was going to go to the university when in my town in the 80's even payos parents did not let to go to their daughters to high schools, when she finished their elementary studies at 14 years old, they did not study more),a reflect that spanish (and more in Andalusia) gipsies are different to gipsies from other countries who look Spain as the way to follow, there is still a lot to do for the gipsy integration in Spain (more out from Andalusia), but Spain is the country where gipsies are the most integrated, being called Andalusia the promised land for gispies.

As you deduce in Andalusia gipsies and payos have been merging and I'm a reflect of that merging: gitana mother and payo father. there are not still many marriages between payos and gitanos, but I hope tha with the gipsy integration, there will be more

I used many times the word gitano/a to refer to spanish gipsies becuase in some english (and other languages texts) I've seen that term, I supose dueto the identity that a spanish gipsy has here: spanish because he's gipsy and gipsy becuase is spanish :D.

Sorry for my bad english. I translate to Spanish for a better comprehension to people who speak or at least understand my language.

October 21, 2012 at 9:42:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I translate to Spanish for a better comprehension to people who speak or at least understand my language.

Los gitanos en Andalucía hablan un dialecto: el dialecto andaluz.El caló, es sólo el castellano hablado por los gitanos, no un idioma y la única diferencia en el habla entre un payo y un gitano, es sólo el número de palabras de origen gitano que usan y la entonación, porque los payos usan muchas palabras de origen gitano y muchos más en Andalucía, un país que sin los gitanos no hubiera sido el mismo (lo mismo hubiera pasado sin árabes, romanos, judíos, fenicios, griegos...). Como bien dices, el caló es hablado por los gitanos de las clases más baja en Andalucía; por desgracia, los gitanos pertenecen a las clases más bajas, o viven en barrios marginales, pero en Andalucía, los payos de las clases más bajas y/o que viven en barrios marginales, hablan como los gitanos y tienen una cultura muy similar, hecho que los hace ser llamados "payos agitanados". Mi madre que es gitana, pero nunca vivió como tal -sólo tuvo más influencia de la cultura gitana que la que podría tener un payo, porque los payos también están influenciados por esta cultura y los gitanos por la cultura paya, una buena evidencia es que el flamenco proviene de la música árabe e incluso de la judía, pueblos de los que junto a muchos otros descienden los payos- habla el mismo Andaluz que un payo de clase trabajadora (mis familias tanto paya, mi padre es payo, como gitana son de clase trabajadora) y lo mismo ocurre con muchos otros aspectos: religión (católica y no evangélica), nivel de estudios (fue al instituto e iba a ir a la universidad en una época, comienzo de los 80, en la que en mi pueblo ni los payos dejaban a sus hijas ir al instituto, cuando terminaban la Educación General Básica a los 14 años, ya no estudiaban más), un reflejo de que los gitanos españoles (y más los andaluces) son diferentes a los gitanos de otros países, quienes miran a España como el camino a seguir; hay aún mucho por hacer por la integración de los gitanos en España (y más fuera de Andalucía), pero España es el país donde más integrados están los gitanos, siendo llamada Andalucía "la tierra prometida para los gitanos".

Como puedes deducir en Andalucía los gitanos y los payos están pasando a ser sólo una etnia y yo me considero un reflejo de ello: padre payo y madre gitana y aunque no hay muchos matrimonios entre ambas etnias aún, espero que con la integración gitana en el futuro haya más.

October 21, 2012 at 9:43:00 AM GMT  
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